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DCX BitPod Bundle without ICP15kW

Compact Immersion Cooling System
2.742,95 €

BitPod was designed to enjoy silent, hassle-free mining at home with the best possible user experience. In particular when you would like to heat the pool instead of paying for heat pumps or pool heaters, or if you invested already in solar PV installation - you can win on all ends. Continuous mining with usage of green electricity source and 100% heat reuse.

DCX’s most compact immersion cooling system is finally here to build a complete system for home mining:

  • DCX BitPod: compact dual loop immersion system enabling sustainable heat reuse: home or pool heating. Can fit different miners like 4x M30-type Whatsminers or 2x overclocked S19-type Antminers or up to 20 GPUs

The best is that BitPod can serve as a small heat pump, providing various heat reuse possibilities for your home mining operations. Using the power of your miners to heat a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, floors or even a greenhouse is not only smart but also sustainable.

Main features:

  • Designed for 2 overclocked S19 Antminers or 4 x M30/50 Whatsminers. You can run 20 GPUs too.
  • Ideal for PV / Solar Panels with 6-8-15kW capacity (to run 2-4 miners)
  • Works as a heat pump for pool or home heating (ready to connect)
  • An adaptive system so will work as slow and noiseless as possible most of the time

The bundle consists of the following products:

1 x DCX Bitpod Immersion Mining Enclosure
3 x 22 L ThermaSafe R™ Fluid
1 x Enclosure Monitoring Sensor
1 x 10 L Dielectric Solvent
10 x DCX universal fan emulator 4 pin
1 x Logistik / Import

Condition: New
Manufacturer: DCX


Single gross weight: 210.000 g
Shipping time: 1-2 weeks
Shipped from: EU

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