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Antminer S19J / S19J Pro BB
Antminer S19J BeagleBone Black
43,00 €
Antminer ASIC Chip
BM1398 BM1398BB BM1398AC ASIC Chip
23,00 €
Antminer ASIC Chip S17, S17+, S17Pro, T17, T17+
Antminer BM1397AG
23,00 €
Antminer ASIC Chip S17e T17e
Antminer BM1396AB
21,00 €
Antminer ASIC Chip S17 S17pro
Antminer BM1397AD
23,00 €
Antminer ASIC Chip K5
Antminer BM2040 K5 ASIC chip
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