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For 19 Series/ 17 Series/ 15 Series/ D Series/ S9 Series/ T9 Series/ Z9 Series/ L3 Series/ Z11 Series/ S11/V9/A3/B7/E3/ K5/ X3 Air-cooling Miners

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Migodi
Model: FAN-OEM-Hardware
Packaging & Delivery
Single gross weight: 1.000 g
Shipping time: 3-5 days
Shipped from: Germany
Hosting Facilities
Buy and host this miner in one of the following verified hosting facilities:
Facility: NORWAY 1
Price: 0.12/kWh
Facility: BALKAN 1
Price: 0.075/kWh
Facility: RUSSIA 1
Price: 0.055/kWh
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Company Overview

MIGODI is to support your business to benefit from digital currencies. We have leading expertise in the relevant field, and we offer companies and investors competence and solutions to understand and to benefit from digital currencies as well as new markets. Bitcoin is not only the digital version of gold. Digital blockchain based currencies provide us a fully new life in future with the replacement of the traditional finance system.

MIGODI operates several Bitcoin mining facilities located in the European Union that are situated in remote areas with a dedicated and affordable power supply. In each of these facilities we offer miner hosting services to our customers.

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Website: www.migodi.com
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